Everything You Need to Know About Hair Transplants in Thailand

Are you thinking about undergoing hair transplant surgery in Thailand? After all, many people say that it offers a permanent solution to balding and restores your hairline. 

In this article, we explore some of the most vital aspects you need to know before booking an appointment with a surgeon.

Hair Transplants Aren't Cheap

Like many other industries, you get what you pay for with hair transplants. Seeking cheap services puts you at risk of getting operated on by an unproven, inexperienced, and potentially harmful surgeon. Keep in mind that you can't joke about your health, so take your time to find the right doctor.

Most Insurers Don't Cover It

Because it is an elective procedure, only a handful of insurers include hair transplants in their plans. This is why you need to allocate a significant budget when you choose to undergo this procedure. Also, be cautious when you notice clinics that offer finance deals. Although this seems like a smart marketing tactic, always beware of doctors who appear needy than you.

You Will Get Scars

Despite the massive improvements made in the Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok, scarring is inevitable once you opt for hair transplant surgery. The extent of these scars depends on factors like the technique used and the level of experience of your surgeon. Don't buy into lies that you won't get spots after the procedure.

You Donate the Hair Yourself

Since hair follicles can't regenerate, a surgeon can't use hairs from another person to perform a transplant surgery. When your scalp starts experiencing baldness, take care of the remaining hairs because you might need them later.

Recovery Takes Time

Even if you undergo follicular unit extraction, it takes time to recover from a hair transplant. During this period, avoid the sun, get sufficient rest, drink enough water, and report any suspicious issues to your doctor.


The most critical thing about hair transplant surgery is that it isn't for everyone. For this reason, you need to consult with your doctor before booking an appointment. This way, you will know if you are the ideal candidate for the procedure.

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