What Should Be My Budget For Breast Implants In Thailand?

It is no longer news how technologically advanced Thailand has become – technologically advanced in everything and that is why it is now a choice destination to women who are in search of satisfactory breast implants in Thailand.

Thailand may be beautiful no doubt, having enchanting islands and luxurious hotels and hospitals, one of the reasons women rush there for their breast augmentation Thailand are because they can easily save up to 50% when comparing the prices that they can pay for the same procedure in countries like New Zealand or the UK.

However, before plunging into such action, it will be great to get yourself prepared, budget-wise.

Breast implants in Thailand is generally cheaper than anywhere else in the western countries, however the different facilities in charge various prices.

Prices for breast implants in Thailand ranges from around $3200. It could be more or less depending on the type of implant you choose and maybe the way you require the implant to be placed.

A perfectly round silicone implant would cost less than the teardrop shaped silicone implant. This is because the tear drop shaped implant involves a more tenacious procedure and mostly chosen by women with smaller breasts. It also looks much more natural than the round silicone implants.

While the round silicone implants may cost around $3200, the tear drop shaped implants cost more – around $4300.

Also, if your implants are placed just underneath your muscle tissues, it would have a much more natural look and feel as time wears on. However, the implants might be placed over the muscle tissues as suggested for athletic women.

Specialists advise that breast augmentation Thailand be placed on a dual plane which means halfway beneath and on the muscle tissues. The dual plane process is quite more hectic and you will be charged an additional $500-$700 depending on the facility you go to.

At Nida Esth Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center, the surgeries aren’t based on the amount you pay. Even the affordable prices are a bonus for you. Nida Esth only works with reputable surgeons who provide quality services for your satisfaction.